Welcome To CalHot Powder Coating

CalHot is a contract-manufacturing and powder-coating company in Modesto California. We have over 10 years-experience serving Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Residential markets. Our capabilities range from single piece to large multi-piece runs. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and strive to earn your repeat business. Our goal as a company is very simple

“Quality work at a fair price, delivered on time!”

Powder coating is now in the forefront of manufacturing and applied surface coatings. It is a well-established and proven technology that provides a durable finish, but has only recently become well-known to the general public. Many large manufacturers in the U.S. are already powder coating, or outsourcing to established finishing facilities. No longer is powder coating just for automobile and motorcycle rims and lift kits, but items like washers and dryers, exterior HVAC housing, metal indoor and outdoor furniture to name a few. Over time, more mid to large-size manufacturers will replace their wet paint line with powder coating lines. New business sectors such as schools, city parks, hotels and amusement parks are finding the durability beneficial to items like architectural features, gates, fencing, hand rails, metal safety stairs and platforms, cafeteria tables/chairs, bicycle racks and playground equipment.